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Buddhist Psychotherapy  BPT ®

Basics: The Buddhist Psychotherapy BPT® is an integrative modern psychotherapy, based on the buddhist dharma, modern neuroscience and psychological and psychotherapeutic treatments.
BPT® is a “new” form of therapy with deep roots, focusing on our positive human potential, on goals that are actually within our reach. Its impact reaches far beyond the relief from suffering and the promotion of healthy states of mind like happiness, compassion, love and joy.
For this purpose, BPT® imparts precise insights and techniques for assisting you with overcoming avoidable suffering and coping with unavoidable one faster. The author presents techniques from the various modern therapeutic approaches, as well as known and beyond that, largely unknown Buddhist practices.

All the methods are scientifically based. (The article will be published soon)


Seminars and Training-Cources:
There are seminars and training courses of BPT® in Europe and also in the USA.
Moreover, you can become a Buddhist Therapist BPT®  if you complete a 10 Day-Intensive-Trainingcourse.

Vocational training guidelines and indenture of the Buddhist Psychotherapy BPT ®

Early registration for training courses receive discount.

Registrations for multiple participants simultaneously, or groups, receive discount.

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Buddhist Psychotherapy. Ennenbach, M. 480 S. LotusPress, Wisconsin USA 2014 
(available from 1.7.14 in USA and from 1.12.14 in Europe)
Ordered in the USA:
and also 
Ordered in the USA:

The very first systematic work on Buddhist Psychotherapy integrating psychological, medical and psychosomatic knowledge of Western culture, including largely unknown Buddhist practices.This practical work offers instructions, inspiration and help for professionals in the fields of psychotherapy and counseling, as well as for a broad readership interested in psychotherapy, Buddhism, or human functioning and personal development in general.







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